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Breathe. And what can this stupid pipe show if I seem to be unable to stand even the smell of alcohol? That's how I explained it OnlineCasinoSvizzera. The sergeant started asking questions. A special vehicle drove up. What had recently been Seryozha, a half-Polish, was loaded. Accompanied by a police car, I went to the nearest police station, and one of the three policemen was put with me, explaining that I needed to check my driving skills. I drove slowly, carefully and correctly. I spent almost an hour and a half in the office, answering questions and signing papers. I drank tea and waited for the lieutenant on duty, the sergeant - the senior squad and their invisible leadership and experts to talk on the phones. In general, according to a number of signs - the absence of marks on the car, the characteristic marks on the neck of the corpse, the state of the blood and other factors - it turned out unambiguously that Sergey Baibakov, 28, who works as a security guard at the Greathall Casino, died of strangulation in about an hour and a half before the arrival of the police.


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